The She Abides System: An In-Depth Bible Study Method for Busy Women by Danielle Munoz

The She Abides System: An In-Depth Bible Study Method for Busy Women

Learn how to abide in God's Word consistently, confidently, and correctly in this course using the She Abides Bible Study Worksheets. 

With ample practical tools and tips, you'll be prepared to do deep Bible study daily and understand Scripture's distinct genres.

Add Substance To Your Study Time

If you're like me, the whirlwind of responsibilities pertaining to family, work, homemaking, and ministry can quickly sweep your quiet time to the side.

Then, once you're finally sitting down with your Bible, you find yourself asking, "What should I read? Or how can I focus and apply this?"

If we haphazardly skip around or hurriedly complete our Bible plan's daily reading, we can miss the glory of discovering God's redemptive plan in Scripture and savoring the beauty of the gospel.

Our everyday study can be elevated to sweet worship if we simply had structure. Structure builds momentum in creating a God-centered life. That's why I created the She Abides System - to make serious Bible Study doable.

Inductive Bible Study For Everyday Life


Answer "What does the text say?" with genre-specific worksheets that help you hunt for key details and meditate purposefully on God's Word.


Explore "what does the text mean?" with guided steps to do word studies, examine cross references, and recognize themes of Scripture. 


Turn your newfound head knowledge into heart action with questions that encourage you toward praise, prayer, and obedience.

You'll Go:

  • From feeling guilty for not studying >>> to feeling excited you have a plan.

  • From feeling like it's too complicated >>> to feeling equipped to study any passage.

  • From feeling too rushed >>> to feeling ready to maximize the time you have. 


"You know that feeling you get when you finish a great Bible study and then you're like - now what? Yeah, that's me, too - every time I finish. Then I get so scatterbrained that I have a hard time jumping back into the Word.

But after this course I am PUMPED to have a system that I can use again and again, adjusting to my busy schedule. Instead of rushing through a verse, skipping around all over the place, or giving my Bible the side-eye every night for a week when I am just feeling lost, I now feel confident I can dive into the riches of Scripture with a dedicated plan I can use over and over!"

Emily of

Inside You'll:

  • Organize your daily study, keep record of your discoveries, and unlock the Bible by genres with the "She Abides" printable worksheets.
  • Build Bible knowledge and memory with two suggested methods to pace your reading.
  • Mark your Bible effectively and insightfully with a highlighting system for Old and New Testament books.
  • Ask strong study questions while reading any chapter of the Bible.
"The She Abides course helps take Bible study from mundane to life-giving. These methods are doable for every woman, no matter how long you have been reading the Bible. I appreciate the emphasis on learning what the text truly means, enabling me to better understand who God is and the great things He has done."
Allyson of
"This course not only gives a thorough explanation of inductive Bible study but also gives easy to follow instructions and plenty of examples. It challenged me to go even deeper in my own study of the Word."
Kira Bridges

What's included?


Starting a Daily Habit of Abiding
A Little Tour of the Course
3 mins
The "Why" Behind Abiding
How Not to Read the Bible
2 Flexible Schedules to Structure Your "Quiet Time"
What You'll Need
Starting a New Book in the Bible
The Redemption Story of Scripture
Applying the 5Ws
When to Use a Study Bible
What is Inductive Bible Study?
What is Observation?
How to Do Observation
Example: Marking a Passage
5 mins
What is Interpretation?
How to Do Interpretation
Example: Doing a Word Study with the Blue Letter Bible App
4 mins
Example: Looking Up Cross References
4 mins
Application: How Does This Change My Heart?
Doing "Quick Study" on Busy Days
When To Do Quick Study
Quick Observation
Quick Interpretation
Quick Application
Going Deeper By Bible Genres
Narrative and History
The Law
Poetry and Wisdom Literature
Printable She Abide Worksheets and Resources
Highlighting Tips and Bookmark
1.13 MB
Quick Study Bookmark.pdf
1020 KB
Quick Study Worksheet.pdf
4.67 MB
Prayer Sheet
3.22 MB
Book Study Sheet
3.25 MB
Observation Sheet - Narrative and History
6.49 MB
Observation Sheet - The Law
2.39 MB
Observation Sheet - Wisdom and Poetry
6.35 MB
Observation Sheet - Prophecy
3.19 MB
Observation Sheet - Epistle
3.26 MB
Interpretation Sheets & Samples
12.6 MB
Application Sheet & Sample
5.8 MB
What I Used to Write This Course


What is inductive Bible study?

Inductive reasoning is the process of collecting information in order to draw conclusions. This is a sound way to study the Bible because it prevents us from placing our own view upon Scripture and instead challenges us to uncover what God intended through diligent examination of context clues.

What if I already know how to do inductive study?

Although the course explains the inductive method in depth, it specifically seeks to provide a format for doing this intensive study on a daily basis, and also discusses how to approach the different genres of the Bible.

If you do not wish to take the course, you can purchase the She Abides Worksheets separately.
I’m Danielle, an Ivy-Leaguer turned homemaker inspired by God's endless grace. As a wife and mother of two, I'm eager to share how freedom and truth beautifully come together in Christ through my blog and Bible studies! Join me in digging into God's Word and living out John 8:36: "So if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed."