Adoring His Attributes: A 30 Day Journal for Worshipful Prayer (Digital) by Danielle Munoz

Adoring His Attributes: A 30 Day Journal for Worshipful Prayer (Digital)

Free Indeed’s most popular resource for Christian women – Adoring His Attributes – is a downloadable, printable study that focuses on worshipping the wonderful attributes of God through prayer. Both a devotional and journal, this beautiful booklet provides an informative survey of God's character and leads you through a month of praise.

This journal includes:
– 30 devotionals on 30 of God’s attributes
– 30 days of selected Bible readings
– 90+ prayer prompts
– Daily journaling space to respond in prayer

I started writing Adoring His Attributes to begin a practice of remembering and exalting His infinite greatness, not just during Sunday morning worship but daily in prayer. This is an opportunity to sit at His feet in awe, a chance to soak in verses about His love anew.

*This is a digital resource that can be downloaded and printed immediately after purchase so you can start TODAY!*



“It opened my eyes to the glory of God all around me. I have re-learned so much about God. Things I forgot or took for granted were at the forefront of my thoughts. I LOVED this. Thank you!” 
“It greatly strengthened my walk with God because it brought me to a new territory of prayer. I learned so much and having those tips on prayer was immensely helpful. I really appreciated this because it made me realize how great our God is, and all the amazing things He is capable of.” 
“What a blessing it was to consider the many attributes of our wonderful Savior. In the hustle and bustle of life it’s easy to forget exactly how wonderful HE truly is. Reading these daily was a great way to reinforce the truth I already know but often lose sight of.” 

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I’m Danielle, an Ivy-Leaguer turned homemaker inspired by God's endless grace. As a wife and mother of two, I'm eager to share how freedom and truth beautifully come together in Christ through my blog and Bible studies! Join me in digging into God's Word and living out John 8:36: "So if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed."